Tech Gear

Spiral Notebook. Photo of people floating, relaxing, and having fun in the Dead Sea, Israel.
Dead Sea, Israel - Floating and Relaxing
Clock that says “Replicate Replicate Replicate.”
Replicate 3X
Laptop Skin that says “I work at home. Pants optional.”
I Work at Home. Pants Optional
Notebook that says “Nanotechnology” eight times. The word gets smaller and smaller until it reaches a single dot at the bottom.
Laptop Sleeve that says “Machine learning engineer. I drive the data train.”
Machine Learning Engineer
Sticker that says “Cyber Sec Tech. To Protect and To Serve.”
Cyber Security Technologist
iPhone Wallet that says “Use a cell phone to make calls? Nah, that won't work.”
Teens & Phones. Humor for Gen Y & Z
Laptop Skin that says “My whole day is a black hole.”
Black Hole Donut Day
Laptop Sleeve that says “I’m having a crisis of human-computer symbiosis.”
Zipper Pouch. Photo of buildings and greenery along a walking path near Mount Zion in Jerusalem, Israel. The Dormition Abbey is in the background.
Jerusalem, Israel - Near Mount Zion