Tech Gear

Laptop skin that says “Practice random acts of productivity.”
Practice Random Acts of Productivity
Sticker that says “Algorithm Whisperer.”
Algorithm Whisperer
Laptop Skin that says “I work at home. Pants optional.”
I Work at Home. Pants Optional
Laptop Sleeve that says “I’m having a crisis of human-computer symbiosis.”
Laptop Skin that says “My whole day is a black hole.”
Black Hole Donut Day
Phone case that says “What’s for dinner?”
What’s for dinner?
Notebook that says “Nanotechnology” eight times. The word gets smaller and smaller until it reaches a single dot at the bottom.
Laptop Sleeve that says “Machine learning engineer. I drive the data train.”
Machine Learning Engineer
Sticker that says “Cyber Sec Tech. To Protect and To Serve.”
Cyber Security Technologist
iPhone Wallet that says “Use a cell phone to make calls? Nah, that won't work.”
Teens & Phones. Humor for Gen Y & Z
Clock that says “Replicate Replicate Replicate.”
Replicate 3X