Wall Art

Wall tapestry that says “Hyperdimensional Computing Theory…thanks for the memories.”
Hyperdimensional Computing Theory
Poster that says “Teach Me How to be Autodidactic.”
Art Print that says “Gig Economy Professional.”
Gig Economy Professional
Poster that says “I’m the chef. I open the box.”
Boxed Meals. 21st Century Cooking
Canvas Print that says “SaaS, XaaS, PaaS, IaaS, aPaaS.”
At Your Service
Canvas Print that says “Lifelong Learner. Wanna see my certificates?”
Lifelong Learner
Poster that says “Replicate Replicate Replicate.”
Replicate 3X
Poster that says “Hi. Bye. Microinteraction.”
Poster that says “Digital Transformation.”
Digital Transformation
Poster that says “Machine learning engineer. I drive the data train.”
Machine Learning Engineer
Wall tapestry that says “How far outside the box do you want me to think?”
Think Outside the Box
Poster that says “I’m dreaming of an exaflop machine. I need speed.”
Exaflop Machine
Poster that says “Doubly Ultra Quirky.”
Doubly Ultra Quirky
Canvas print that says “Teach Me How to be Autodidactic.”
Canvas print that says “Another day, another bitcoin.”
Bitcoin Investor
Poster that says “I work at home. Pants optional.”
Pants Optional
Poster that says “I'm thinking so expansively, my hat doesn't fit.”
Expansive Thinking
Poster that says “Nanotechnology” eight times. The word gets smaller and smaller until it reaches a single dot at the bottom.
Wall tapestry that says “I’m having a crisis of human-computer symbiosis.”