Scarf that says “Cruciferously Delicious.”
Cruciferously Delicious
Women’s leggings that say “Nimble Disruptor.”
Nimble Disruptor
Women’s dress that says “Replicate Replicate Replicate.”
Replicate 3X
Women’s a-line dress with all-over graphic design, adapted from the artist’s watercolor painting.
Drawstring Bag that says “Sorry to cut this short, I’m needed on planet Xenon.”
Planet Xenon
Tote bag that says “Today, I'm cranking at 200 petaFLOPS.”
Scarf that says “Nanotechnology” eight times. The word gets smaller and smaller until it reaches a single dot at the bottom.
Socks that say “Doubly Ultra Quirky.”
Doubly Ultra Quirky
Drawstring Bag that says “Use a cell phone to make calls? Nah, that won't work.”
Teens & Phones. Humor for Gen Y & Z
Tote Bag that says “I’m the chef. I open the box.”
Boxed Meals. 21st Century Cooking
Tote Bag that says “SaaS, XaaS, PaaS, IaaS, aPaaS.”
At Your Service
Women’s A-Line Dress that says “Gig Economy Professional.”
Gig Economy Professional
Circle Necklace that says “Nimble Disruptor.”
Nimble Disruptor
Tote Bag. Photo of a group of men on the beach at the Dead Sea in Israel. Several are covered in Dead Sea black mud. One man is taking a photo.
Dead Sea, Israel - Men and Mud